Automate Your Business Processes with Technology – ECM Solution

Taking control of your content, processes, and data doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right tools, it can be done well. Learn about the power of an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to help you gain control of the processes and paper that are slowing you down.

Per an AIIM survey, 40% of responding organizations said they are looking to improving process efficiency by implementing an ECM solution. Determining what’s important to you is the first step to a successful implementation. Whether you are looking to lower costs and improve efficiency, increase compliance and lower risk, or hope to improve collaboration and customer service, the adoption of an ECM solution can be the key to meeting your goals. So how can you set a strategy for the future to ensure you can accomplish these goals?

Learn the basics of getting started with ECM. Gain an understanding of the “6 Key Pillars of Successful Process Automation” (Capture, Manage, Access, Integrate, Measure and Store), and see real-life examples of how clients have simplified and automated Accounts Payable (AP) and Human Resources (HR) departments.

Within this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • What is Content Management & Workflow Automation Technology?
  • 6 Key Pillars of Successful Process Automation
  • Streamlining Processes within AP & HR
  • How to get started with a Process Overhaul

Gain an understanding of how you can leverage the capabilities of an ECM solution to improve the management of your content, processes and the data needed to support all your decisions.

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