OnBase automates AP processes and provides instant access to relevant data and documents. This minimizes cost while increasing visibility into payment processing and improving process controls and tracking. Arranged into six categories, this workbook is carefully designed to encompass the ideal elements of an OnBase Accounts Payable Automation Solution.


OnBase captures your documents right at the source and organizes them – and the data they contain – into a single system with minimal human interaction. Such documents could include anything from invoices to purchase orders or packing slips. Additionally, it conveniently doesn’t even matter where they’re located or what format they come in.


Better manage your data, documents, and processes. OnBase allows information to flow easily throughout your organization, minimizing process delays, automating repetitive tasks and equipping users to make better decisions to drive work forward.


OnBase makes your critical AP content available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application. This enables your users to work the way they are most comfortable – whether inside or outside the four walls of your organization.


AP staff frequently leave their ERP and other accounting systems they work in and switch over to OnBase to perform related tasks, then switch back to their core application. For example, these related tasks in OnBase could include searching for related information, performing steps in a workflow, filling in forms and/or saving documents outside of OnBase to email or edit.


Run historical reports from OnBase without relying on IT. Over 140 pre-configured reports provide information to use for budgeting and resource planning. This includes including system usage and performance, licensing, processing times, bottlenecks, and more.


OnBase is a secure solution, so you can rest assured that your data will be safe. This is achievable, conveniently, without even needing third-party software. However, if your industry standards require an additional layer of security, we can tailor OnBase to accommodate your specific needs. Safeguarding your data is also pertinent to remain in compliance with company, state, and industry standards.

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