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The foundation of any government organization’s business processes often lies in the hands of departments such as human resources (HR) and accounts payable (AP). These divisions maintain the underpinnings of operations, including hiring new workers, maintaining compliance records, recording credentialing data, conducting critical background checks and covering all aspects of payment processing. Without fully functioning HR and AP departments, a government organization can suffer complications such as processing slowdowns, potential safety issues or even legal liability or fines.

Public sector and other governmental and quasi-governmental entities such as school districts; publicly owned utilities; state, county and local governments; and special districts are all experiencing financial challenges. Facing pressure not to reduce front-line services, these organizations are cutting back in administrative services.

Enterprise content management for government administrative functions like HR and AP can help manage workloads when staffing has been reduced, and even potentially make an organization more efficient than before.

Read this Issue Brief on “Improving & Automating HR, AP & Legal within Government”.

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