Every single day, agencies everywhere receive countless plan sets. Unfortunately, these take a great deal of time and effort to review and slow teams down greatly. Additionally, with paper plans, true collaboration and revision management can be very challenging. You may be wondering- So how can OnBase help me? With OnBase Plan Review, the power of document management makes paperless trackable, and more efficient. As a result, it can accelerate the development in your community. Plans are immediately stored in OnBase and routed to necessary reviewers.

Another selling point on OnBase is the fact that it allows you to manage all of your documents in a single location. This in turn eliminates the time it used to take you to switch back and forth between applications. It also eases the process of keeping tabs on where everything is being housed. OnBase Electronic Plan Review allows the ability to markup reviews, track review response time, check status, track resubmissions, compare changes, access documents from your current permitting and GIS systems, and more. It can even create planning review projects seamlessly. OnBase also lends itself to fantastic teamwork, with its support of real-time collaboration in enabling departments to work on documents simultaneously.

Planning coordinators can even track review response times and statuses to eliminate bottlenecks in the process. OnBase also tracks resubmissions in the process and helps reviewers compare changes. As a result, review teams no longer have to worry about missing key edits. Additionally, accidentally approving plans with undocumented changes no longer has to be feared . With this automated plan routing and tracking, you will increase transparency in your planning processes. You will also meet mandated deadlines more easily. Check out this video to learn more about how OnBase can make a positive change in your government agency and broader community.

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