How Does Your OnBase Solution Measure Up Against the “OnBase GOLD Standard”

Have you ever wondered, “Am I using OnBase to its maximum potential?” or “Where do I focus next to add more value to my solution?” If so, this workbook is for you. It is arranged into nine categories, carefully designed to encompass the ideal elements of EVERY OnBase solution, regardless of industry or department.

  • CAPTURE – Capture ALL critical content (paper, electronic and data) from any location. Minimal data entry is required because your documents are automatically classified.
  • CONTENT MANAGEMENT – Securely organize, manage, and optimize content across your entire organization.
  • PROCESS AUTOMATION – Intelligently automate tasks, route documents, and manage process exceptions.
  • CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT – Automatically create and distribute personalized correspondence.
  • COLLABORATION – Securely share content and collaborate on processes and documents. It even includes features like co-authoring with version control, tasks and notifications, and enhanced security and control.
  • CASE MANAGEMENT– Manage all data, tasks, activities, correspondence, and events surrounding unstructured cases, like documents and email, tasks and approvals, and compliance and verification.
  • REPORTING AND ANALYTICS -Gain visibility into your content and processes with actionable insights, including intuitive dashboards, configurable reports and event logs, and comprehensive audit trails.
  • SEARCH – Find and analyze business-critical information wherever it’s located.
  • RETENTION AND RECORDS MANAGEMENT – Automate secure retention and destruction of documents and records

Now, ask yourself, “Does my solution include elements from each of these categories?” If not, you will quickly find opportunities for improvement there. For the areas where you do have functionality (for example, every OnBase solution involves some form of capture), each section presents a series of deep-dive questions to help you reflect on new and exciting ways to optimize your OnBase solution.

Are you brand new to OnBase?  This fillable workbook is designed to complement the Discover OnBase brochure. You may also view a demo of OnBase Document Management.

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