A company’s most valuable resource is their employees. They’re the ones who carry out the critical work activities that allow companies to offer a unique set of goods or services to their customers. But it’s the HR managers who are in charge of supporting these people so they can effectively complete these tasks. However, given the staggering amount of data gathering, checking, updating, validating, form filling, and request processing that HR must manage, many departments find it difficult to focus on anything other than administrative tasks.

To address this issue, high performing HR departments are looking to technology like the Kryon Automation Suite, a powerful Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution. RPA performs highly repetitive, mundane tasks, which allows HR to focus on its more strategic, value-added work. RPA also helps HR to more effectively manage the entire range of administrative tasks in addition to the hire-to-retire H2R process. This can include automating payroll, benefits administration, and compliance reporting.

Common HR Efficiency Blockers

Labor-Intensive, Repetitive Processes

Many tasks along the hire-to-retire (H2R) process are repetitive, time-consuming, and still rely on heavy manual labor. This high degree of reliance on manually intensive processes is expensive and inefficient and often leads to high error rates or compromised compliance levels.

Dependency on Multiple Systems

Many H2R tasks are complicated processes with multiple steps. These tasks rely on numerous, disparate platforms that don’t communicate with each other effectively. They also often store data in different locations. As a result, managers can’t easily get comprehensive information when they need it. They then often risk making decisions based on inaccurate insights.

Risks of Inaccuracies

Credibility is crucial to HR. However, most of the work related to HR is executed manually. This increases the risk of data processing errors and data compliancy issues due to poor master data management (MDM). As a result, HR departments can easily find themselves facing costly errors and even legal actions.

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