Support Webinar: Domo Arigato, OnBase on Auto (mation)

Naviant Support is committed to customer outreach and will continue to host a variety of customer webinars focused on best practices and tips to support your system, as well as provide you with timely updates on what’s new with your solution.

June’s webinar features the topic: “Domo Arigato, OnBase on Auto (mation)” and is open to all Naviant customers!

Topics Covered Include:

What happens when you leave your OnBase system to its own devices?  Business Automation!  Did you know…

  • OnBase can import files from a directory structure on your local network, automatically classifying and indexing the files it finds according to where it finds them?
  • OnBase can automatically index documents using the latest in OCR technology?
  • OnBase can display a PDF rendition of almost any document to general web users via the familiar DocPop configuration interface you’re already used to?

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