When you implement your OnBase solution, the journey shouldn’t end there. There are many OnBase resources available that will help you make the most of your solution, but are you aware of all that they have to offer? Do you know where to go to find free OnBase training videos? Are you unsure of what “OnBase Community” is? Do you wish that there was a “cheat sheet” for how to do basic things in OnBase? Do you know what courses/conferences are available?

Whether you are brand new to OnBase or have been using it for years, this is one OnBase Resources event you don’t want to miss. We will highlight ALL of the key things everyone needs to know about where to find the information they need for all things OnBase. When you and your team gain access and a greater understanding of OnBase, you can truly get the most out of your solution.

Video Highlights Include:

  • Tour of the newly design Hyland Community Website & What Resources Can Be Found There
  • Free OnBase Training Available (Quick Looks, End-User Training Videos, Webinars, Blog Tips)
  • What Social Media to Follow (Blogs, Educational Webinars, etc.)
  • Reviewing Naviant’s OnBase Quick Reference Guide (QRG)
  • Formal Training Options (Courses, Conferences, Premium Subscriptions, Career Path for OnBase System Admins)

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