Electronic Agenda Management Solution

Village of DeForest Uses OnBase for Agenda Management & More

Hear why the Village of DeForest selected OnBase and how they are using it today to streamline their processes. Their Clerk said “I was struggling to find a solution that had the full package, meaning a really good Agenda Solution AND a really good Content Management Solution. That was until we met Naviant and learned about OnBase. We are now using it in every department”.

Promotes a paperless legislative process from agenda creation through the meeting

The OnBase Electronic Agenda Management software solution provides a single platform for the complete management of the agenda, minutes, video, voting and records related to a meeting. To achieve this, OnBase provides features like:

  • Automatic packet creation for constituents and council members: OnBase takes all approved items and supporting documents for each meeting and creates public and executive session packets. With a few clicks click, staff can publish and distribute these packets for constituents or members of the legislative body to reference online or on tablets through Agenda-To-Go
  • Simplified video posting with agenda bookmarks: OnBase provides tools to stamp and bookmark video during the session, enabling posting immediately upon session completion. You can then easily post the recording to your website, giving constituents the ability to watch specific segments by clicking on the corresponding points on the agenda
  • Tracking and displaying of live voting: The solution enables the legislative body to register their votes via touchscreen and immediately display it through information panels in the session. OnBase also tracks the votes for reference after the session ends
  • Consolidates disconnected solutions: OnBase consolidates solutions across government from the content and processes critical to your legislative process to the records responsibilities and everyday program delivery that serves your constituents

Automate your pre-meeting, meeting & post-meeting tasks with OnBase

OnBase automates the labor-intensive approval, assembly, and distribution of agenda management and minutes management tasks, speeding up legislative processes. With an electronic agenda management software like OnBase, users can auto-create, assemble and update packets instantly, and stay on top of requests by tracking submissions using workflow automation. With the Electronic Agenda Management software, packet assembly takes much less time than manual systems, and it enhances your view of the process and status of individual agenda items. While staff centrally manage requests and automatically send agendas on for approval, workflow automation and a built-in audit trail enforce the proper review and approval procedures. Agendas and minutes can be published to the web or other solutions. Then, clerks can automate follow-up actions and track agenda items after a meeting.

One solution to meet public records responsibilities and improve constituent service

As the Village of DeForest can attest to, OnBase is more than just an Agenda Management solution. The document repository is accessible to the whole organization, and can be used throughout all of your departments. Simplify your public records requests with OnBase which allows for request automation and tracking, as well as tools to support self-service access. OnBase streamlines your open records requests for both constituents and staff.