5 Most Requested ECM Topics from the Naviant Summit - ECM Resources

We asked attendees at this year’s Naviant Summit to identify what enterprise content management (ECM) topics they would like to learn more about. The 5 most requested ECM topics were Integration, OnBase Mobile, Case Management, Workflow, and Agenda Management. These topic requests will help us shape our educational webinars for the 2017 season.

In the meantime, check out these great ECM Resources we currently have on the topics requested.

  1. Integration
    When multiple applications participate in the same business process, the information in each system must remain in sync. OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes, and cases, combining ECM, case management, business process management (BPM), records management and capture functionality on a single platform. By orchestrating an exchange of data with your systems, OnBase reduces manual data entry and eliminates information silos, serving as an integration hub for the enterprise. As a result, your staff can confidently work knowing they have the most current information – all while accessing needed content from directly within their preferred application (without even knowing OnBase is running in the background).
  1. OnBase Mobile
    Going mobile means more than social media. It means taking the workplace to where the work is, and keeping your team on time and on task. With applications designed for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows, we can help you connect your content, processes, and cases to almost any device in any location at any time.
  1. Case Management
    Case Management is built to pull relevant information from a variety of systems, including an ECM system, and present it to a knowledge worker in one singular control panel. Case management can manage operational or administrative processes that require the know-how and discretion of qualified people to determine what work needs to be done next, and by whom, when you have cases to manage.
  1. Workflow
    Workflow automates business processes allowing work to be shared efficiently between knowledge workers. Workflow automation takes a document and automatically routes that document to the next worker in a series of steps based on a set of pre-defined rules.
  1. Agenda Management
    OnBase Agenda and Minutes Management Solution transforms your legislative process by managing pre-meeting tasks, providing key tools for your meetings, and simplifying the minutes-creation process. With OnBase, you produce agendas, packets, and minutes faster while easily managing reviews and approvals. OnBase Agenda Online links seamlessly to your agendas and minutes publishing process so information is available to staff and constituents 24/7, helping you meet transparency requirements.

Check in regularly by bookmarking our Blog, Resource Library, Events Calendar and/or Newsroom to learn more about these topics and explore new areas where an enterprise content management solution could improve your business. If social media is how you prefer to read your news, follow us on LinkedIn.

About Katelyn Wied

Katelyn has been a marketer and graphic designer at Naviant since 2014. She constantly seeks the most efficient route to solve problems, much like Naviant. Naviant consults on business process management and document management; working with companies to digitally transform processes and develop solutions to stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction. Katelyn enjoys connecting people with information and helping make their day-to-day work lives easier.

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