OnBase Appliance Enabler

If you aren’t already familiar with it, Application Enabler is a powerful OnBase module that integrates with third party applications to efficiently pull data into or retrieve data from OnBase. Given its popularity, Hyland has unveiled an exciting new companion module called Appliance Enabler that will integrate with smart appliances, allowing you to centralize their management and increase worker productivity!

Too busy to go down to the break room to see if there is any coffee left? With the right appliance, such as a Mr. Coffee Smart Wifi-Enabled WeMo 10-Cup Optimal Brew Coffeemaker (integration for smart coffeemaker license required), Appliance Enabler can not only monitor the liquid level in the carafe, but also trigger the coffeemaker to brew a fresh batch! Larger appliances can also notify OnBase when the grounds, filters, and flavor syrups need to be changed. If you have Workflow, this information can be further tied into your purchasing process to automate the ordering of supplies.

As convenient as it is, coffeemaker integration is easy. Appliance Enabler really shows off its power with more complex appliances, like smart refrigerators. Able to communicate with their internal sensors, OnBase can notify you if something smells funky so you can clear it out before it turns into a science experiment. Again, with Workflow, you can use OnBase to trigger or notify you of groceries that need reordering. (Some smart fridges can be programmed to designate the bins to specific products or product categories which lets it track when they are low.)

Appliance Enabler requires the Unity Client because it is core based. However, this also means that it integrates with the OnBase Mobile app and Unity API, so you can work with your appliances on the go! With Reporting Dashboard, you can monitor trends such as favorite blends or produce to reduce waste. (And, if you’re really nerdy like us, you can even color code the dashboard components to match!)

To support this new module, Hyland has created Appliance Objects. With Unity life cycles, you can route these objects to specific users based on their configured preferences. Preliminary support for Arduino modules enables you to dispatch coffee or food items (i.e. your lunch) for automatic robotic delivery to your desk. For more information about obtaining this module, contact your Naviant Sales Representative.

About Jennifer Siegel

Jennifer (aka Pixie) has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field, which includes 13+ years of Systems Administration and 15+ years of developing and implementing technical documentation and training. She has extensive experience with OnBase, SQL, and a firm foundation in computer science. Despite this, she considers herself a well-adjusted nerd with hobbies including gardening (poorly), archery, and knitting in public.

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