Brainware Intelligent Capture – What is it?

Some people may have heard of Brainware and some may have not, so here is a brief overview of what it is and what it can do for you. The basics behind Brainware Intelligent Capture are to capture information from documents with least amount of effort to setup or process.

Intelligent Capture sorts and then extracts data from paper and electronic documents accurately based on its context. It then validates it and seamlessly passes it to other systems such as enterprise management systems (ERP), financial management systems and data management systems.

Instead of mapping the fields the Intelligent Capture learns from a small sample set of documents. It then extracts the data while processing a wide range of document layouts. For example, it enables you to more efficiently process invoices, customer orders, remittances, loan applications, HR documents, and many others. This human-like learning approach allows customers to automate the processing of many types of unstructured documents saving time and money.

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