Brainware Intelligent Capture – What is it?

You may not have heard of Brainware before, but you are most likely familiar with the type of technology and power it provides its users. Brainware is a smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool that was designed by scientists to remove the routine data entry process from every business in the world. The basics behind Brainware Intelligent Capture by Hyland are to capture information from documents quickly, accurately, and effectively with the least amount of human effort and then leverage this accurate data by exporting information to another repository.

For example, every business receives an invoice at some point. With the automated power of Brainware, it can extract data from an invoice (invoice number, invoice date, P.O. number, line items, and totals). It then sends this information to a company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) – such as SAP, JD Edwards, Jack Henry, etc. – so the vendor can be paid on time and allow the company to take advantage of potential discounts. This technology is so powerful and robust it can also be used for sales orders, check remittances, HR documents, transcripts, and lending documents to reduce manual data entry by capturing critical data elements from documents automatically.

Brainware Intelligent Capture by Hyland has revolutionized the way we engage with documents. The time-consuming task of manually analyzing each document and typing in all the values necessary to process documents is a task of the past. Scientists have created brilliant algorithms and human-like learning-based engines to classify and extract data from documents automatically for us. You can even educate the intelligent system by providing sample documents to the system like where the location of critical business values resides in a record to improve the system’s awareness of where each value exists.

What happens when you receive an image quality that is less than ideal for OCR data extraction? Don’t worry, Brainware has your back. It provides an easy to use interface to validate the fields being extracted on each document. During the verification process, the user is directed to the area where the system was not confident in retrieving the value from. Brainware even automatically zooms in to the field focusing the user’s attention to the detail on the page. The user is in full control to ensure the data is accurate before it is exported from Brainware in a format compliant with your ERP system.

Additionally, Brainware can validate extracted data and seamlessly pass it to another system such as an ERP system, financial management systems, and data management systems. In the invoice scenario, you can validate the valid vendors, purchase orders (PO’s), and even line items against the data in your ERP system. Brainware can also validate if it is a duplicate invoice before a user ever sees the document. This feature minimizes confusion and distractions to your end users.

Brainware is easy to configure. For example, if you are looking for an invoice date in a particular format, you can tell the engine the basic format of a date is mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy or even yyyy/mm/dd and the system will know that values on the document that has this format are candidates for the invoice date field. It doesn’t have to be format specific, for example, if a number follows the words Invoice Number: or Invoice # the system will know the value closest in proximity will provide the highest confidence it is the invoice number. Managing these variables gives you great flexibility in an already powerful tool.

Brainware’s superpower is its ability to extract business-critical data while processing a wide range of document layouts without needing to set a template for every invoice, sales order, transcript, etc. format.  This human-like learning approach allows Brainware users to automate the processing of many types of unstructured documents saving time and money – and who doesn’t like results like that!

You can explore more about Brainware on our Brainware Solution page.

About Jennifer Henquinet

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field, which includes years of Systems Administration and Support within several different industries. She has extensive experience with OnBase, Brainware, Kofax, and SQL. When she is not supporting technology, she enjoys spending time with her two children, playing golf, and attending sporting events.

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