Kryon Process Discovery: A Successful Automation Journey Begins with Discovery

When you think about robotic process automation (RPA), the idea of deploying a solution of your own might sound intimidating. Even though the reports have made the benefits of RPA clearer than ever in recent times, organizations looking to take the plunge are faced with the challenge of mapping all their business processes and identifying which should be automated. Kryon is on a mission to eliminate the stress of RPA deployment and to do this, they’ve designed Kryon Process Discovery.

Kryon’s Process Discovery was developed in-house using patented AI technology. It’s the only tool out there right now that not only identifies all processes that can be automated, but it builds workflows for you. You can browse these workflows and make necessary edits with the tools available in Kryon Studio. And this technology was designed with business users in mind, so if you don’t have a background in IT or development, it’s no problem at all. All of this makes for much easier development and deployment of RPA than what was ever possible before.

What is Kryon Process Discovery?

Kryon Process Discovery is a proprietary, artificial intelligence (AI)- based platform that identifies an organization’s business processes, correlates variations and makes recommendations for enhanced efficiency via automation. The system helps organizations maximize the value of robotic process automation.


One primary benefit of Process Discovery is it helps you to get complete process visibility. It can accomplish this by using proprietary machine learning algorithms that identify every process and variant thereof. With this information, it creates a complete map of your processes, which makes it very easy to identify the most efficient variants and in turn, the best opportunities for automation that you may have otherwise overlooked. Full visibility empowers you to truly make the most informed decision that will ultimately reap the most benefits for your organization.

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