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Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is a leading producer, distributor, logistics provider and retailer of beverages. It operates internationally from its head office in Luxembourg and through its production and distribution companies in Russia, Mexico, the UK, Austria, Australia and the Baltics, its historical home.
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Kryon Assists Amber Beverage Group to Increase Employee Efficiency

Rapidly growing Amber Beverage Group (ABG) is a leading international producer, distributor, exporter, and retailer of beverages. From its headquarters in Luxembourg, ABG works with subsidiaries in Russia, the UK, Mexico, Australia, and the Baltic states. In total, the company works with over 600 brands, including more than 130 of its own – among them Rooster Rojo Tequila®, Riga Black Balsam®, Cross Keys Gin®, Cosmopolitan Diva®, and Moskovskaya Vodka®.

ABG’s personnel is highly skilled, with specialized beverage industry knowledge. This makes it especially important to make the most of every employee’s valuable time.

To efficiently enable its employees to achieve the company’s goals, ABG chose Kryon’s RPA solutions. In a matter of months, with the assistance of Kryon’s Professional Services team, ABG automated 10 key processes, allowing its employees to focus on more creative and strategic projects and enjoy a dramatic drop in disruptions. In addition, automating these processes resulted in improved customer service.

The Challenge

To streamline work processes for its team of more than 2,100 employees, ABG was using a comprehensive ERP system – yet they saw that frequent, cumbersome, manual tasks were still preventing workers from reaching their full potential. Team members, including management, often had their work days disrupted by repetitive processes that inhibited their productivity.

For example, each time an employee created a purchase order within the ERP system, the system would immediately email the employees who were responsible for approving it – between one and five individuals each time, typically coming from middle and upper management. Then, each of these employees would need to log in to the ERP system on their computer and approve the order. This process would frequently disrupt many team members in the office throughout a typical work day, while those traveling abroad would need to open their computers and access a VPN in order to approve a purchase order.

Seeing that making the most of its workforce was critical for ABG’s success, management started looking for innovative solutions to increase employees’ efficiency. It was especially important to them to find a solution that could be implemented quickly, so they could avoid spending many months setting up integrations and automating processes. Taking a longer view, they also wanted a solution that would be intuitive enough for their employees to eventually operate it effectively in-house.

And because the company’s ERP system is divided into 12 different databases (due to the variety of languages and regions in which it operates), they needed a solution that would work smoothly and efficiently with each of these databases.

The Solution

After considering a number of options, ABG decided to start automating processes using Kryon Unattended Automation.

Key factors in this decision included the speed with which Kryon’s solution could be implemented and the comprehensive support offered by Kryon’s Professional Services team, which would be available both to automate processes and to teach employees how to make the most of RPA.

In just its first three and a half months with Kryon, ABG got 10 automated processes up and running, working mostly with Outlook, Excel, and the company’s ERP system.

The first of these automated processes, which took less than one month to implement, streamlined the way managers approve purchase orders. This is a particularly complex process, involving tasks performed by five different robots.

Here is a look at some of those tasks:

Automated Tasks Involved in Processing Purchase Order Approvals:

Prompt managers to approve the purchase order
A robot checks an inbox for new purchase orders on a set schedule. For each new order, the robot sends the designated approvers an email with the order’s details, an Approve button, and a Reject button.

Update the ERP system
Once an approver replies to the first email using its Approve or Reject button, a robot updates the ERP system with this response.

Email the order’s creator
A robot periodically checks the status of all open purchase orders. If an order has been approved by all required employees (or rejected by any of them), the robot updates the person who created the order.

Remind the approvers
If an approver does not reply to the initial email about the purchase order within two days, then a robot sends them a reminder email.

Check for failed processes
A robot constantly checks to make sure that none of the processes above has failed. If any has failed, this dedicated robot prompts one of the other robots to repeat the failed process.

The Results

Up to 300 purchase order approvals streamlined per day
Every day, ABG employees create up to 140 purchase orders within their ERP system, each of which must be approved by up to five managers. Now that Kryon robots have streamlined this process, approval requests are delivered to relevant team members on a set schedule, and they can be handled quickly and conveniently from a computer or smartphone.

Improved customer service
Because another one of ABG’s newly automated processes expedites the approval process for returns, customers who choose to return an order can now have their account credited more rapidly. As a result of improvements like this, customers enjoy enhanced service.

Heightened employee efficiency
With fewer time-consuming disruptions during their work days, ABG employees can now focus more on using their knowledge and skills to strengthen their company’s global footprint.

“We are decreasing manual, non-value-generating processes. This is one of
our main goals, because we see that we have good employees with good
knowledge, and we can use them for more value-generating processes that
offer greater benefit to the company.”
– Diana Stafecka
  Business Process Development and Central Procurement Manager, Amber Beverage Group


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