VERONA, WI – Some customers may be experiencing an issue in OnBase that we wanted to make everyone aware of. This issue involves the Two Digit Year settings.

The Two Digit Year Settings dialog box in OnBase Configuration determines how a year will be interpreted by the system when a document enters OnBase with a two-digit number for the year. For many systems in use today, the two digit settings run from 1910 to 2009. Because of that setting, some customers are seeing documents come into their system as the year 1910 instead of 2010.

To change the Two Digit Year Settings, just go into Configuration -> Users -> Two Digit Year Settings. The Two Digit Year Settings dialog box will display. Type the finishing year for the two digit year into the 20__ field. This value determines the span of years for which interpretation will be performed in OnBase.

If you have any further questions regarding this setting, please contact Naviant Support at or 800.686.8789.

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