Looking for information about OnBase Training? We’ve rounded up all the OnBase Training resources available in this single blog post. We will continue to update and add to this list as more resources become available.

OnBase Resources Available to Everyone

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Check out some of our most popular blog posts:


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Resource Library

Our resource library is a great place to start exploring topics related to enterprise content management, and they come in a variety of types like case studies, videos, whitepapers, and solution summaries. You can filter by business industry, topic, and resource type or you can use the search bar. Start exploring now or check out one of our top 5 most popular resources:


  1. Highlight on All Things OnBase – Free Resources for Customers
  2. Inheriting OnBase | User Guide to New System Administration
  3. OnBase Brochure: Learn What OnBase Can Do
  4. OnBase Workbook: How to Leverage OnBase More Across Enterprise
  5. ECM Document Management Industry ROI Statistics

Monthly Webinars

We like learning new things and sharing knowledge. Every month we host a webinar on OnBase related topics to help you continue to learn and grow with your solution. Hear directly from our Support Team and Solution Engineers experts who create the presentations and walk you through a demo using the OnBase so you can visualize how it could apply to your organization. All of our webinars are recorded and posted in our resource library – view past webinars. You can register and see what webinars are coming up on our events calendar.

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Give OnBase a try on Try.OnBase.com. This website is a sandbox for both customers as well as prospects to access a variety of different OnBase solutions and play with the software. There are pre-built solutions like Accounts Payable Invoice Processing, Contract Management with Case Management, Higher Education Application Review, and others. You will be required to create a login to access this, but it does not cost you anything.

OnBase Training Resources Available to Naviant Customers

In addition to everything above, Naviant customers have free access to these in-depth resources.

Annual Naviant Summit

Our content and document management conference in October brings together Naviant’s OnBase customer community to discuss and explore creative solutions to business process challenges. If you are a current prospective customer, you can attend, and we strongly urge you to do so and talk with our existing customers.

The Naviant Summit is designed to help you continue to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your organization and connect with other OnBase users. In this two-day event, you can expect to hear customer case studies, attend breakout sessions on specific topics, participate in industry roundtable discussions, and engage in hands-on OnBase Software training. There are different paths for every type of OnBase user, beginners to advanced.

>> More information can be found on the Naviant Summit event page.

Hyland Community

Community.Hyland.com is your go-to repository of information about all things OnBase, including Module Reference Guides, current basis licensing information, all modules, versions, and maintenance coverage periods. Community includes a robust social platform where you can ask questions and get expert advice from your peers to most of the questions you have regarding OnBase. You must register for a Hyland Profile before you can log in.

Here are some useful links on Community for you to explore:


Hyland Training.OnBase.com

Training.OnBase.com is a massive library filled with training videos to learn about Hyland products, modules, new features and functionality, and more. Hyland offers self-paced web-based training (WBT) courses and eLearning modules to enhance your knowledge. You will also find an OnBase Quick Looks section filled with five-minute videos that provide training and demos. A couple of things to note. You must be an OnBase customer and already have a Hyland Profile to gain access to the training. You can register for a Hyland Profile here. Also, not all of the training courses are free; the ones labeled Premium are only available to customers who have paid for a Premium Subscription to Hyland Training (more on this below).

We recommend reviewing this excellent training series presented by OnBase Support members on some of the troubleshooting techniques and utilities we use to diagnose and troubleshoot support issues. These presentations are good for new and veteran employees in a technical role such as Installations, Support, Sales Engineer, etc.


User and Community of Practice Groups

Hyland and Naviant both have user groups that bring together customers in the same industry to connect, discuss, and share about OnBase. Hyland User Groups are sometimes called VOGUES (Vertical OnBase Group of User Experts). Once you have a Hyland Profile, you can register to join a Hyland VOGUE by visiting the Hyland Community and navigate to Connect and scroll down to User Groups.

Naviant has two Community of Practice Groups, one for advanced users with more complex solutions, and another for Local & Tribal Government. Each of these groups is invite-only and for our most experienced clients with advanced OnBase solutions. Clients facilitate the meetings, and they get together a few times a year to share and learn from each other’s experiences.

OnBase Resources with Fees

And last, but not least, you can continue to invest in your knowledge and become a master of OnBase with these options.

OnBase Certification Training

You can receive certifications in various areas of OnBase by completing a week-long interactive course led by Hyland Trainers. At the end of the session, you take an exam and must pass it to receive an official certification. Available certifications include:


  • OnBase Certified System Administrator (OCSA)
  • OnBase Certified Advanced System Administrator (OCASA)
  • OnBase Certified Workflow Administrator (OCWA)
  • OnBase Certified Advanced Workflow Administrator (OCAWA)
  • OnBase WorkView Certification (OCWV)
  • OnBase Certified Support Engineer (OCSE)
  • OnBase Certified Application Programming Interface (OCAPI)

There are four possible ways to attend and complete a training course: Online, at Naviant in Verona, WI, or at Hyland in Westlake, OH or Irvine, CA. Each certification training costs $3,000 regardless of how you attend.

We can assist you in finding courses and registering. Email the Naviant Marketing Team at marketing@naviant.com to request training information.

Hyland’s CommunityLIVE

CommunityLIVE brings in more than 2,700 people to learn about OnBase and see what’s new and next in content services. It is a great place to get product information, solutions, troubleshooting tips and find out what features are coming soon to OnBase. There are valuable insights for everyone involved in the organization with specific conference paths like Business End Users, System and IT Administrators, and Managers and Executives. CommunityLIVE is four days long in September, and the location changes every year. The cost to attend ranges from $1,500 – $2,700.

Not able to attend? You can gain access to the Best of CommunityLIVE Webinar Series for five full weeks after the event.

OnBase TechQuest

For in-person technical training, TechQuest is a week-long conference at Hyland headquarters in Westlake, OH that provides OnBase professionals with an in-depth experience of the latest OnBase features and functionality. You can learn from OnBase engineers and trainers, attend hands-on labs, connect with other OnBase Users, and renew all of your existing OnBase certifications. TechQuest is typically in November and costs $3,000 to attend.

Premium Subscription Training

We already covered the great benefits of Hyland Training at Training.OnBase.com (see above), and Premium Subscription unlocks more advanced and specific training videos for customers. Premium Subscription is a fee-based subscription resource with over 200 hours of OnBase professional development tools and training on-demand. These videos offer both introductory and high-level training information. To receive pricing for your organization, please contact Marketing at marketing@naviant.com.

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