Madison is a vibrant city with a great culture promoting arts, entrepreneurship, and education. Madison has so much to offer it’s impossible to experience it all in one visit. OnBase’s enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities are equally robust. This event is designed to give you a taste of ECM and discover how Naviant can help you drive efficiencies in your organization’s processes.

OnBase can be broken down into six simple categories: Capture, Manage, Access, Integration, Manage, and Store. Easily remembered in this acronym – Chocolate Muffins Are In My Stomach. This year the Naviant Summit focuses on these essential categories to help you paint the bigger picture of how OnBase can impact your entire department or organization.

Learn the foundations of ECM, the new offerings of OnBase 16, and how to lay the groundwork for the art of the possible. Below outlines the educational sessions specific to the six core categories of OnBase. Browse the complete agenda and summit descriptions on our official Summit Page to start planning your personalized Summit agenda.

Taste of Capture: A Farmer’s Market Sampling

Visit the Naviant Farmers’ Market for a sampling of the bountiful array of Capture capabilities within OnBase. Rather than fruits, vegetables and bakery items that will quickly spoil, experience the long-term freshness that can be achieved by leveraging ingestion productivities. Your corporate pallet will be enriched with this taste explosion – but remember, no biting!

Taste of Manage: Art & Architecture of Design

As Monet vs. Manet, or Lloyd Wright vs. Le Corbusier, there is understandable uncertainty regarding which is considered, or which aligns best with your utopian design. So parallel are the chronicles of Workflow vs. WorkView (Case Management). This session will help those who design and implement OnBase Manage solutions better understand the differences between a traditional workflow/BPM approach and a Case Management approach, as well as when to apply each. Manage the predictable and unpredictable by automating your structured processes and consolidating your unstructured information!

Taste of Access: Stroll Down State Street

A stroll down State Street will provide a diverse gateway to shopping, restaurants, bars, galleries, and events. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Access, and open the doors of OnBase to your employees. This session will introduce you to the many OnBase clients, search options, queries, and specialty integrations used to efficiently access your enterprise content. Go beyond Unity, and explore Outlook Integration, Office Business Application, Mobile Access, and Full-Text Search for Autonomy IDOL, just to name a few.

Taste of Integration: Achieve a Higher Degree

Madison is home to many higher education institutes with diverse opportunities in a variety of disciplines. Within this session, you will advance your professional pedigree in the many areas of OnBase integration. Using case studies, we will explore Integration techniques such as Application Enabler, Enterprise Integration Server (EIS), and Application Programmer Interfaces (API), along with other purpose-built integrations developed by Hyland. Once your campus tour is completed, you will be well-positioned to make an impact within your organization.

Taste of Measure: Creating the Perfect Recipe

There are many tasty data ingredients available in OnBase! How do you know which ones make the best pie charts, salad bar graphs, and pivot table casseroles? How can you combine them in the right amounts to make the perfect reporting meals? Colleen Alber of Hyland will be your chef at this session, exploring the pantry options including exotic new third party data imports. Prepackaged meals are also available in the Naviant Report Bundle for those busy executives on the go.

Bonus! Lunch Roundtable Discussions and Taste Stations

Naviant provides hosted roundtables during lunch on a variety of topics to promote networking amongst attendees and resident experts on the topic of interest, including:

  • Government Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Accounts Payable / HR
  • Case Management
  • Integrations
  • Workflow
  • Intelligent Capture
  • OnBase System Admin
  • OnBase 101 / New to ECM

The hands-on Expert Stations hosted by Naviant provide the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions and demonstrations on popular topics, including:

  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Case Management
  • Outlook Integration
  • ShareBase
  • Autonomy Idol
  • Premium Subscription
  • Perceptive Capture
  • Mobile (iPad, Android, Tablets, Phones)
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Katelyn has been a marketer and graphic designer at Naviant since 2014. She constantly seeks the most efficient route to solve problems, much like Naviant. Naviant consults on business process management and document management; working with companies to digitally transform processes and develop solutions to stay competitive and increase customer satisfaction. Katelyn enjoys connecting people with information and helping make their day-to-day work lives easier.