Take Your OnBase Content Anywhere You Want To Be

OnBase documents, electronic forms, and workflow processes have always been critical within the corporate office walls. However, what about when you are away from the office?

Are there secure options for sharing your OnBase Content outside of the corporate walls?

The simple answer is YES!

We will show you how and what you share in this informative exploration of sharing your OnBase solution outside your corporate walls. OnBase’s mobile document management solution provides access to documents, electronic forms, and workflow processes. All of this occurs on ubiquitous mobile devices regardless of the type of smart device you have today. The most popular iPhone, iPad, and Android devices open the critical OnBase content and processes. Additionally, users can access this anywhere they can get a cell signal or wi-fi access. See some of these great features and functions while noting the critical security considerations.

What if you want to extend your OnBase content to non-OnBase users? Do you ever need to share some documents securely while placing some security measures on those documents like watermarks and how long they are available to be viewed?

See how accessible OnBase Content can be via ShareBase. ShareBase will improve sharing your OnBase content to anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

For our government attendees, see how the Public Access Viewer provides direct access to specific OnBase content directly from your website including searching the content of documents via the Autonomy IDOL search capabilities. We will review how you can share your OnBase clients via Citrix and an external web server.

Extending your OnBase content securely beyond your corporate walls will ensure that internal and external users have the access they need to complete their work from anywhere. Learn how to empower your content users even when they can’t be at the office.

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